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An index to our poplar and willow documentation

Growing Poplar and Willow Trees on Farms

Guidelines for Establishing and Managing Poplar and Willow Trees on Farms Compiled and Prepared by the National Poplar and Willow Users Group as part of the Sustainable Farming Fund’s Poplar & Willow Project (Grant No. 04/089)

Topics: Cultivation; Trees for the Farm;

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Guide to Erosion Control/spaced Plantings Being Eligible to Enter the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)  

Woodnet Forestry, Marginal Land & Carbon Consultancy Services

A guide to erosion control/spaced plantings being eligible to enter the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Topics: Trees for the Farm;

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Hill Country Heroes

The New Zealand Poplar & Willow Trust corporate document explains the trust and the importance of poplar and willows in New Zealand

Topics: Erosion Control; Poplar Information; Willow Information;

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Killing old poplar trees using chemicals

Ian McIvor and Carlo van den Dijssel

Large or old poplar trees planted for soil conservation and now considered a safety risk can be poisoned, killed and left standing using appropriate herbicide applied to the conducting tissue in the trunk.

Topics: Cultivation; Poplar Information; Trees for the Farm;

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NZPWRT Marketing Plan 2016

This Marketing Plan has been developed by the TRUST as an extension initiative to achieve increased plantings on farms in vulnerable hill country areas.


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Trees for the farm

Ian McIvor

A decision support tool for farmers booklet

Topics: Erosion Control; Cultivation; Poplar Information; Willow Information; Trees for the Farm;

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Winning with Willows

Linda Newstrom-Lloyd, Ian McIvor, Trevor Jones, Manon Gabarret & Blandine Polturat

Extending the supply of nutritious pollen for bees in spring. This informative booklet provides information on the pollen and nectar cycles of many willow cultivars.

Topics: Bee Nutrition;

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