Key to Poplars and Willows
in New Zealand

Version 1.0.5

0. Poplar or Willow?

  • 0. Poplar or Willow?

For poplars, features important in identification include:

  • Shape of crown – whether broad and spreading or narrow and upright
  • Angle of branches
  • Bark characteristics – whether rough or smooth
  • Shape of leaves – triangular, diamond-shaped, heart-shaped, round, ovate (egg shaped), or lobed
  • Leaf margins – toothed, entire, wavy, translucent
  • Leaf stalk – rounded, flattened
  • Sex of the plant, colour, length and shape of the catkins
  • Presence of suckers

This key will enable the user to identify a clonal group (e.g P. x euramericana) and then a possible identification within the clonal group ('Veronese'). The key covers modern clones, but does not include clones distributed before 1980.

For willows, features important in identification include:

  • leaf shape
  • presence of leaf hairs
  • leaf colour
  • number of main stems
  • position of leaf buds on the stem
  • branch form
  • branch colour
  • tree crown shape
  • sex of flowers

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