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Extending the supply of nutritious pollen for bees in spring - Winning with Willows

  • Pollen from willows is one of the most important sources of protein for honey bees in the spring.  
  • Beekeepers need protein to build their bee numbers to maximum strength before the start of pollination services and honey flows.  
  • The flowering times and quantity of pollen produced by willows varies amongst the varieties.  
  • Having a range of varieties means pollen can be available over an extended period.  

NZ Poplar & Willow Research Trust:

Willow Pollen for Spring Hive Vigour

  • Willows are valuable sources of bee pollen.  
  • Sequential flowering of selectively planted willows can provide 3 months of continuous pollen supply.  
  • Pollen production and flowering times are assessed for selected willow varieties.  

NZ Poplar & Willow Research Trust: