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Newsletter No. 1 April 2024

Posted on April 12, 2024

Welcome to our new look newsletter Our focus is to get four newsletters out to you all that has a cross-section of information. We are always open to feedback, so let us know what you liked - what do you want to see more of or what you’d like Continue reading

Poplars and Willows as Bioengineering tools – Waikato workshop

Posted on September 20, 2023

The Waikato 3-day workshop will be held in Hamilton from 21st – 23rd November 2023. National training workshops for new and experienced practitioners Land management advisers, River engineers, Environmental far Continue reading


Five new Research Briefs

Five new Research Briefs on poplars are now available. Subjects include pollarding, spacing, fertilization, and effect on water flow.

Have you ordered your poplar and willow poles for this winter?

The damage caused by Cyclone Gabrielle has created a greater than normal demand for poles this winter. The supply in all regions will be affected as pole orders are coming from outside of the regions where they are grown. Use our Quicklinks ‘Buying poles’ to find your local supplier.

Let's stop erosion!

Retaining fertile soil on the land is in the interests of all New Zealand. Without tree protection hills fall apart in severe rain storms. Poplars and willows planted for erosion reduction stabilise our pastoral hill country, increase water storage, reduce sediment transfer, improve water quality, benefit stock and enhance the farm environment.

There are poplars and willows to suit each region and location.

Working in close association with regional authorities and industry partners, NZPWRT develops adaptable planting materials (poplar & willow), provides technical support and promotional information to assist landowners to reduce soil erosion, lower sediment transfer off farm, and improve water quality.