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Poplars and Willows as Bioengineering Tools registration form

Posted on June 30, 2021

UPDATE: Poplars and Willows as Bioengineering Tools’ workshop due to be held 28-30 September 2021 is postponed till next year due to Covid uncertainties. The new dates for the workshop are 16-18 February, 2022. The venue remains the same. The wo Continue reading

New face at the helm of Poplar and Willow Research Trust

Posted on February 18, 2021

Iain Maxwell from the Hawke's Bay Regional Council is the new chairman of the New Zealand Poplar and Willow Research Trust. “I’m excited to be asked to chair the Trust and am impressed with its impact on supporting New Zealand’s sustainable lan Continue reading


A new pest organism in New Zealand: Cladius grandis

Have you seen this unusual insect on your poplar trees? If you have spotted it we want to know! There are no other yellow/ orange caterpillars with black spots that feed on poplar leaves. More details...

Let's stop erosion!

Retaining fertile soil on the land is in the interests of all New Zealand. Without tree protection hills fall apart in severe rain storms. Poplars and willows planted for erosion reduction stabilise our pastoral hill country, increase water storage, reduce sediment transfer, improve water quality, benefit stock and enhance the farm environment.

There are poplars and willows to suit each region and location.

Working in close association with regional authorities and industry partners, NZPWRT develops adaptable planting materials (poplar & willow), provides technical support and promotional information to assist landowners to reduce soil erosion, lower sediment transfer off farm, and improve water quality.