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Effect of giant willow aphid on growth of young willows - Research Brief 08

Two wide-spaced trials were planted on each of two farms in Tararua District to evaluate the effect of sap-sucking Tuberolachnus salignus, giant willow aphid (GWA), on ‘Tangoio’ tree willow growth

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Factsheet 7: Poplar Sawfly: Cladius grandis

Have you seen this unusual insect on your poplar trees? If you have spotted it we want to know! There are no other yellow/ orange caterpillars with black spots that feed on poplar leaves.

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Factsheet 4: Willow sawfly, Nematus oligospilus

Willow sawfly was first discovered in Auckland in 1997, and is now found throughout New Zealand.

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Factsheet 5: Giant willow aphid

Giant Willow Aphid, Tuberolachnus salignus was first sighted and reported in December, 2013 from Auckland. As of March 2014 it can be found throughout the North Island and as far as Clyde in the South Island. This aphid dispersed at a very rapid rate.

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