Management of Trees

Soil conservation trees need to be managed to maximixe their benefits and control their size.

Management options to be considered for poplars are pruning, where a millable log is produced on a 15-20 year rotation, or pollarding, where the canopy is repeatedly removed every 3-4 years and fed to stock in late summer or autumn.

Willow trees pollard readily, again on a 3-4 year cycle.

Waste wood can be chipped and left to decay, used for firewood or piled up for burning.

Some interesting experimental work is being done in the Hawke's Bay on girdling poplar and willow trees to deter growth. Girdling involves removing a thin ring or part ring of bark from around the tree. This creates a temporary barrier to the transfer of sugars from leaves to roots. Reports on this research will be posted in the Reports section when it becomes available.

Further information is available in the booket 'Growing Poplar and Willow Trees on Farms'. Information on the effect of pollarding on tree root development can be found in the Reports section.

Case studies of farmers managing their trees can be found on the Education page under Stock Health.