Personnel and partners

General Manager and Lead Scientist

Ian McIvor M.Sc.

Ian manages the poplar and willow breeding programme. He is based at Plant & Food Research, Palmerston North. In addition, Ian researches root behaviour, and root responses to environmental conditions on hill slopes. Ian heads the National Poplar Commission and represents New Zealand on the International Poplar Commission (IPC), and chairs the IPC Working Party on Poplar and Willow Genetics, Conservation and Improvement.
021-226 8673


Trevor Jones PhD

Trevor is based at Plant & Food Research and is researching poplar and willow water use, and wood properties. Trevor has expertise in assessments of old and new tree trials.
021 143 526

Business Manager

Allan Frazer

Allan is our Business Manager. He is a director of the NZ Wool-classers Association, anduntil recently he was a business manager for The Ahuwhenua Trophy – BNZ Māori Excellence in Farming Awards. He is an olive farmer.
027 450 3861


Kate Taylor
027 603 2200

Chairman P+W Technical Advisory Group

Peter Manson

Team Leader, Northern Area Catchment Management, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council
027 496 6398

Research Partners

Plant & Food Research



Landcare Research

Massey University

Associate Scientists

Plant & Food Research, AgResearch, Landcare Research and Scion and Massey University

John Charles (Plant & Food Research) insect pests, Vice-Chairperson IPC Working Party on Poplar Insect & other Animal Pests

Dr Brent Clothier (Plant & Food Research) Soils and stakeholders

Dr Grant Douglas (AgResearch) effectiveness of conservation trees, on-farm applications of poplars and willows

Dr Alec Mackay (AgResearch) soil quality and soil carbon

Dr Mike Marden (Landcare Research) erosion and erosion management

Dr Chris Phillips (Landcare Research) root development


Alan Wilkinson

Education Partners

Massey University - Professor Peter Kemp, Head of Institute, INR